The vision of Family Health Ministries is healthy families and healthy communities.  Haiti has taught us that life is about relationships.

We start by just getting to know the people in a community.  We spend time together living, listening and learning, which leads to insights about each others needs, hopes and desires and eventually meaningful strategizing.  Our joint efforts are then directed by the goals of local communities, supported by relationships and implemented by people who are motivated to see their own lives improve.  Implementing plans in Haiti is frequently more challenging than we anticipate and we have learned that those struggles often cement our resolve.

There is something in the Haitian spirit that Americans are drawn to.  Haitians face unimaginable adversity with hope, love and a capacity to be loved.  For me, it felt like they gave me a deathbed experience when I was young enough to do something about it.  Rather than saying, I wished I had someday…, they help me become a better husband, father, physician and friend when I returned home.  We would love to have you join us on this transformational journey.

Family Health Ministries Mission

FHM’s Founder and Board Chairman, David Walmer, MD, PhD

Right now, we are unable to travel to Haiti because of unpredictable gang violence and traveling put our friends at risk.  However, the advantage of supporting Haitians in their efforts is that their efforts are not dependent on our presence.  Our women’s health center in Tom Gato has now delivered over 400 babies and our community garden in Leogane is putting nutritious food into the community.  We have faced adversity together many times over the last 30+ years and we know that with time, things will change.  We look forward to being back on the front porch together but until then they need our support more than ever.  Please continue to support FHM financially.  Michael goes back and forth running the gauntlet of gangs so the Haitian communities know that we are still here and we know what is going on there.

Guiding Principles

  • Community-directed: Our priorities come from those we serve.
  • Outcome-focused: We measure results and adjust our approach.
  • Partnership-oriented: We work together to provide critical resources.
  • Relationship-driven: Our lives are profoundly changed when we step into the lives of others.

Measures of Success

  • Healthy families and healthy communities.
  • Long-term supportive relationships with Haitian friends.
  • Donors, partners and volunteers sharing and promoting FHM’s mission.
  • Sufficient funds, staff and facilities to help community leaders implement their goals.
  • An independent, self-sustaining Haitian-run infrastructure.