Mission Travel

Mission TravelOn behalf of the people we serve, Family Health Ministries welcomes you to join us on a mission trip in Haiti. Whether it is your first trip, or you are a seasoned mission traveler, we appreciate the time and resources you will be donating to our work. We know that your contribution of time, talent, energy, days away from your family and friends at home, and the funds you spend for your trip are sacrifices you are choosing to make in order to serve those in need in Haiti. Throughout our years of mission travel, we have learned that it is our personal sacrifices in service to Haiti that have created cherished experiences, memories, friendships far exceeding our expectations. The gift of love and caring you offer to the people of Haiti will continue to flourish well after you return home.
As Family Health Ministries staff member, Pastor Leon Dorleans likes to say, “Haiti needs you and you need Haiti.” May your trip be a blessing to you, to your family and friends, and to all the new family and friends you will find in Haiti.
We offer mission opportunities in the following areas:
  • Medical
  • Service
  • Educational & Spiritual