The Mission Experience

There are many reasons for wanting to serve on an international mission trip. Perhaps you simply want to travel to a foreign land and have the opportunity to see another country while on a meaningful vacation. Most often, the choice to serve is out of a selfless desire to make a difference. Participating on an FHM medical or service mission trip is so much more than a meaningful vacation – it is truly a life-changing experience. You will register for an FHM mission trip in hopes of helping people less fortunate than yourself, but you will discover that you will be forever changed by your experience in Haiti.

Family Health Ministries offers three types of mission opportunities: medical, service, and educational/spiritual.

  1. Medical: Providing medical care and assistance in the Blanchard Clinic, Port-au-Prince
  2. Service: Construction and rehabilitation projects in Fondwa
  3. Educational / Spiritual: Leading Vacation Bible School in Blanchard and Fondwa

You can learn more about the FHM mission experience under “Mission Travel” on this website.

The video below presents the mission trip experience in Fondwa from the perspective of three United Methodist pastors. FHM’s Fondwa Project Manager, Jamalyn Peigh Williamson, is also featured along with her husband, Dave Williamson.

Mission Travel Blogs

Blanchard Clinic Medical Mission

Medical Mission Blog: Hosted by Westminster Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, North Carolina. Discover what it’s like to serve on an FHM Medical Mission Team at the Blanchard Clinic in Port-au-Prince. Members of the Westminster Team took turns blogging their daily experiences in Haiti in October 2013.

Life in Leogane, Haiti

A Day in the Life of a Guesthouse Manager
A blog hosted by Janet and Jeff Portzer, FHM donors, in October 2013, as they served as interim guesthouse managers for FHM.

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