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Hope for the Future of Haiti

An update from Michael Anello, FHM In-Country Director


Last week we sheltered in place at the FHM Guesthouse in Leogane. We were unable to exit the front gate due to blockades of rocks, tree branches, and burning tires lining the road to and from Leogane. Most of our staff both in and out of Port-au-Prince were unable to travel to our facilities so the Blanchard and Tom Gato clinics remained mostly closed. One important exception has been our local security guards in Leogane who have diligently protected our property. Read More

To another 25 Years!

Our 2018 Gala and Silent Auction was a huge success!  Thank you for spending your evening with us as we celebrated the last 25 years of Family Health Ministries and looked towards the future for women and children in Haiti.  We had a record number of supporters this year, with over 300 of you participating either in person, online, or by sponsoring the event and giving auction items.  Together, we raised over $62,000 to support the Carmelle Voltaire Women’s Health Center in Tom Gato, enough to fully fund clinic operations for one year. Read More

We Have Moved Back to Chapel Hill

We are excited to be back in Chapel Hill!
Our new mailing address is PO Box 16783, Chapel Hill NC 27516-6783 Read More

FHM Featured Focus

Carmelle Voltaire Women’s Health Center

Partnering with Haiti in the Time of Pandemic


Join us October 19-31 for Family Health Ministries on-line auction and video series. During this event you will hear voices from Haiti. By video, our staff and women of Haiti will share their life experiences and the work and care they receive through your donor dollars.

Your support is needed to continue to fund the Carmelle Voltaire Women’s Health Center. Our dedicated staff are working hard to bring excellent women’s healthcare to the mountains of Haiti. Women can receive prenatal care, ultrasounds, medication, monitoring and assistance during labor and delivery. The clinic now supports an OB/GYN, 2 midwives, 4 nurses and 3 administrative staff. Together this team brings healthy babies into this world.

Visit our One Cause site any time to become a sponsor or donate towards the Carmelle Voltaire Women’s Health Center. On October 19 on-line bidding will open for exciting items like Einstein bowls, Haitian metalwork, bed and breakfasts, trips to the beach and numerous other items.


  By: Sarah Beaverson When I first arrived in Haiti, I was overwhelmed by the foreign language I heard around me. I struggled to understand individuals and the Haitian Creole words being yelled across the streets. After mastering the basic “Bonjou” and “Bonswa” (good morning and good afternoon – twoRead More
Meet Soinie. To say Soinie is an inspiration is an understatement! This determined lady is breaking the mold in order to build a better life for her family and the community of Fondwa. Soinie (pronounced swah-nee) has joined our construction crew to build FHM’s Carmelle Voltaire Women’s Health Center.
Many Haitian dishes are not complete without “pikliz”. I’m a Southern gal and cole slaw is a common side dish where I’m from. Well, pikliz looks similar to cole slaw but less creamy and a lot more spicy! Haitians use it as a relish to spice up their dish, takingRead More
If you’ve ever been to Haiti you’ve certainly noticed the colorful booths on the side of the road. These stalls are called borlettes and