Sponsor a Child

Saint Antoine School Sponsorship

Family Health Ministries began its sponsorship program at the Saint Antoine School in 2000 to assist in teacher’s salaries, daily multi-vitamins for students and administrative needs for the school. The Saint Antoine School serves 600 students grades pre-K through 13 (Philo). When the original school was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, Family Health Ministries raised $100,000 to rebuild the Fondwa School and with added financial assistance from Partners in Progress, and Heart to Heart International. The new school opened in October 2013 and was dedicated in January 2014 on the 4th anniversary of the earthquake.

Through the support of 75 donors, Family Health Ministries contributes $2,000 each month. With your help, we have 100 children sponsored. This a small fraction of children needing sponsorships. Sponsors are assigned a student and will receive yearly school pictures and information (age, grade and favorite things about school) on their student’s progress.  In turn, we encourage families to share their life with their student as well. Feel free to send family pictures and cards that can be translated and delivered by hand to students during FHM trips to Fondwa.  All letters may be sent to the FHM office.

The cost of the student sponsorship is $40 a month or $480 a year. Your donation will help contribute to the success of the school. Consistently, Saint Antoine ranks as the top school in the region because we are able to provided great teachers and resources that have substantially improved facilities and infrastructure at the school. Student retention rate has also improved. More children are staying home, in Fondwa, to gain their education rather than moving to Port-au-Prince to live with extended family. This improves the life of Fondwa substantially by decreasing the “brain-drain” epidemic when the educated Fondwa youth move away.

FHM is proud to support the Saint Antoine School and we are thankful for the opportunity to connect your family with a student in the school. If you have any questions or would like to sponsor a child, please contact Kathy Walmer at kathy.walmer@familyhm.org.


School Materials Collection

Another way to help the children in Fondwa is by collecting school supplies and delivering them to the FHM office in Chapel Hill.  We will take the materials to Fondwa when we next have room in bags going to Haiti.

For secondary students:

  • calculator
  • small English/French dictionary
  • notebooks (for several subjects)
  • pens/pencils
  • compass
  • gum eraser
  • small backpack (A favorite kind is the small bag with two sets of strings called “a sack pack”)

For primary students:

  • pencils
  • gum erasers
  • crayons (16 pack)
  • notebooks
  • ruler
  • small backpack (A favorite kind is the small bag with two sets of strings called “a sack pack”)