Leogane Family Health Center

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The Leogane Family Health Center will be a preventative and acute healthcare complex serving those without access to health services. The center will provide healthcare, education, and research programs.

With an estimated annual operating budget of $717,000, the $11 million Leogane Family Health Center is currently under construction on a 10-acre site purchased by Family Health Ministries in 2007, located 1.5 hours from the capital of Port-au-Prince.  Once completed, it will feature outpatient exam rooms, multiple operating rooms, inpatient beds, administrative space, a chapel, and a community auditorium. Phase 1, the Guesthouse, is complete and welcomes reservations from teams and travelers. Once Phase 2, the Surgical Center is complete, the Guesthouse will also host visiting medical staff at the Leogane Family Health Center. Construction of the Surgical Center is expected to begin Fall 2014.

Leogane Family Health Center


Phase 2: The Surgical Center

With Phase I, the FHM Guesthouse, now operational, construction on a 6,000 square foot, multi-purpose Surgical Center will begin in 2014. The Surgical Center will bring life-saving services to the Leogane area. This facility will provide care to mothers with preganancy-related complications and newborn care. Reproductive health services, including surgery for woman at risk of fatal cervical cancer, will be available. The Surgical Center will also feature a nursery, pharmacy, laboratory, and data center.

“FHM is greatly appreciative for individuals like Jimmy Hite (Hite Associates) who have given many volunteer hours to make the plans available for the construction and Jean Marc DeMatteis (DeMatteis Construction Group) who has made the construction process a reality,” says Kathy Walmer, FHM Executive Director.


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