Pritts Olive Surgical Suite

More than 400 healthy babies have been born at the Carmelle Voltaire’s Women Center in Tom Gato, Haiti since the official opening of our birthing center in March 2020. And though this a statistic we can be very proud of, it also highlights our next most pressing need – the addition of a surgical suite so that women who need procedures that require anesthesia, including C-sections, can get them.

Currently, if a woman needs a C-section, often emergently, she must be transported more than 45 mins on makeshift roads to either Jacmel or Leogane. This time can be the difference between a healthy delivery for baby and mom and the loss of one or both lives. The Pritts-Olive Surgical Center will greatly reduce the need for such transportation,

The Pritts-Olive Surgical Suite is so named to acknowledge long-time contributors and friends of Family Health Ministries, Drs Elizabeth Pritts and David Olive. David and Elizabeth are the founders of the Wisconsin Fertility Institute and the adopted parents of their two Haitian-born daughters.

Construction (see the photo above) began in March 2024 and expected to be completed in less than 6 months.  We are now raising funds for equipment, supplies and staff so please continue to contribute.

The Pritts-Olive Family