As our third week in Haiti comes to end, I realize that there are many things we’ve done that we haven’t told you about.

Here are a few new stories:

Bob working on the coconut with a very dull machete

Visiting Dr. Delson Merisier againwith Bob and Claudia Lempp, friends from Apex UMC.

Delson gave us a couple of coconuts, with Bob getting help from Yvette to open and eat them back at the guesthouse.

claudia with coconut
Claudia enjoying the fresh coconut

Yellow, brown, grey – Yuk!  Only one got inside.

We also saw the new second floor/laboratory and meeting space at Delson’s clinic.  It’s not quite as large as the part that fell down in the earthquake, and was built in partnership with Heart to Heart International.

While with the Lempps, we also had our first experience using a Sogebank ATM.  It’s always so much fun when one sticks in one’s American credit card and out comes non-American money!

Fighting the hundreds of frogsthat accumulated after a very heavy rain storm.

Fortunately, there was only one left the next morning.  They are also VERY loud at night – screeching and squawking, unlike frogs we’ve hear before in NC or NY.

Our guard Richard knocked lots of them down from the porch walls with a broom.  Before that, they were jumping on our heads!

Jeff wishes he had taken a video so you could hear their “thwapping” as they hit the porch tiles.

Going to wonderful Taino Beachwith our new friends from Building Goodness.  The spiny lobster grilled on the beach and the water (temp & clarity & color) were fabulous!  We enjoyed the dugout canoes and sailboats, too.

cooks with lobster


looking back towards PAP


perfect temp




Thinking about guesthouse decoration with paintings that Bob and Claudia picked out in Jakmel.


We wanted to make a donation of some paintings to add color to the “salon” but couldn’t find anything in our price range when we were in Jakmel.

So Bob and Claudia took over and got these two on the beach for $30.  Michael Anello (BGF) is going to help us get them mounted on wooden stretchers so we can hang them.  That’s Wendy from 519 church holding up the other end.


According to Wikipedia, potpourri can refer to several things:

• In botany, it is a mixture of fragrant dried flowers.

• In music, it is several excerpts of songs.

• In gastronomy, it is a stew.

Potpourri is also an Australian group of musical comedy, opera, classical music and cabaret.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Kreyol “melanz.”