Family Health Ministries wishes all of the mothers in Haiti a Happy Mother’s Day!

Our HsCC colleagues at CRUDEN have a nice description of this holiday on it’s website.

“In Haiti, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May. To wish mother happiness a child says Bòn fèt dè mè or Bòn fèt manman and the longstanding tradition is to wear a flower in her honor. If one’s mother is alive, a red flower is worn; if not, one wears a purple or white flower depending upon how long ago she has passed. And instead of breakfast in bed or a sentimental card, children celebrate their mother’s by singing songs and shedding tears in church.”

Let’s celebrate our Haitian friends, who are mother’s today!  When FHM fulfills it’s mission of supporting Haitian communities in their efforts to build and sustain healthy families, we are celebrating you!