On November 10th, Family Health Ministries broke ground on the Carmelle Voltaire Women’s Health Center in Tombe Gato! We are so thrilled to be underway with this project with the help of Building Goodness Foundation. The center will take approximately 12-18 months to complete construction and train the staff to be prepared to receive patients. 

The Carmelle Voltaire Women’s Health Center will be managed by skilled Haitian birth attendants and midwives. Haitian midwives in collaboration with US midwives will provide an educational program to improve the skills of the traditional birth attendants who have been the only source of care in this mountain area for years. The traditional birth attendants will serve as community outreach partners who will monitor pregnant women in the community for such issues as elevated blood pressures, signs of preterm labor, and other pregnancy complications. Women who are identified as needing further evaluation will be referred to the birthing and education center. To ensure that the traditional birth attendants do not lose their sense of community and their financial income, there will be a financial incentive given for accompanying a patient to deliver at the birthing center under the assistance of a skilled midwife. Women requiring emergency services will be evacuated to the FHM surgical center in Leogane.

If you would like to participate on a mission trip to help construct the women’s health center, contact Building Goodness Foundation for more information.