alfredo's crew
Fixing the driveway

When we first thought about coming to Haiti, we were a bit concerned that we wouldn’t have enough to do.  If every day were like yesterday…
buried cord

Today, however, there is lots of progress.  Last week, after a local crew came by to dig a ditch along the Route National #2, our address, it became very difficult to get in and out of the guesthouse driveway.

Today, a crew from de Matteis Constrution is leveling out our entrance so it still drains, but requires a smaller “jump” to get into our driveway.  Hooray.  Never thought we’d be thinking about the driveway angle…  or the small things that would make us VERY happy.

We have a long list of small improvements to make, thinking about keeping ourselves busy.  So, for example, because we do not currently have a gardener here (we’re going to hire one soon), we picked up several large bags of trash one morning, accompanied by a local boy who was tending his cow in our front yard.  He didn’t help!

rearranged bedroom

One of our ideas was to bury the electric cord connecting the water pump across our courtyard – so no one would trip.  Another happy moment – de Matteis Construction company buried it while we were out.  Agreed, it’s not much to look at   There must be a Haitian proverb about a moment such as this?

Another recent accomplishment – rearranging the bedrooms so the air flows properly.  One of our larger challenges has been figuring out the best schedule to run the generator to recharge the batteries we use for electricity during the day.  We’ve been experimenting with the whole house fan as well.  It’s hard to photograph our guest rooms, but imagine how refreshing the pale green and blue sheets  are, especially when the A/C is on after a day of 90 plus heat.

Yes, that’s Jocelyne, our housekeeper, at the back of the room near the air conditioner.

I see this blog does not live up to its title – perhaps yesterday’s challenges are best left undescribed?