When you hang out with Building Goodness Foundation staff as we have done, you hear a lot about “Delaney Bay.”  We thought you’d be interested in one of the very cool things that is going on there.

michael's kay
Michael’s ti kay

Last week, Michael Anello, BGF’s Haiti Field Manager, gave us a tour of facility, where he lives in a ti kay, or little house.

Delaney Bay hosts a number of organizations, including one operating a health care clinic.  Our new friends from GOALS Haiti also have had a ti kay there.

The Delaney Bay Foundation is based in Watertown, NY, and has been operating in Leogane since the earthquake.  They provide space in what used to be a tee shirt factory.

community gazebo
A community gazebo is at the center of the compound, with the expanding health clinic in the background


earthquake evidence

Evidence of the earthquake at Delaney Bay

Delany Bay rents space to Building Goodness for their ti kay construction operation.  Building Goodness’ employees are building prefab houses for distribution to several locations around Haiti.

When they’re done, the Building Goodness staff will have built 600 homes for Haitian families.  Both the prefabbing and onsite construction is done by Haitians.

You can read BGF’s official description of their ti kay project, and see the latest progress through the lens of Jeff’s camera.

tikays under construction

The entire operation is very space-efficient

prefab walls

Creating eight different wall sections


Jeff loved all their jigs

rolls of roofing

Rolls of roofing ready to be shaped


folding machine in action

The crimping machine, with finished product coming out the front


michael's art

Art that Michael “picked up” on the Jacmel Road adds to Delaney Bay’s ambiance

Jeff was intrigued that they are using imported (mostly Southern pine from Alabama), pressure treated wood with power tools including power saws and pneumatic nailers.

The undeniable upside is that you end up with an earthquake resistant home, economically and quickly.