On Saturday, October 11, 2015 Dr. David Walmer, MD, Family Health Ministries’ Founder and Chairman of the Board hosted the inaugural meeting of Haiti sans Cervical Cancer, Inc (HSCC).  HSCC will engage in activities, with the intent to prevent cervical cancer or to care for women who have developed cervical cancer, including, but not limited to the following: programs of research, education, information and referral, volunteer recruitment and training, technical assistance and advocacy, fundraising and fund allocation. A key component of all programs supported by HSCC  will be the active involvement of Haitian leadership at the both the community and national level. HSCC will look to national leaders from the Ministry of Health, the Haitian Ob Gyn Society and the Haitian Cancer Society for guidance on acceptable standards of care in Haiti. The group anticipates local Haitian leaders will actively participate with representatives of HSCC to identify community problems, propose solutions, and participate in the implementation of each program.