Delson feeding chickens

We had great fun Friday afternoon visiting with Delson Merisier, MD, longtime FHMfriend.  We talked with Delson as he fed and watered his chickens.(For those of you who know that Janet grew up on a chicken farm, you will find it amusing to know how much she enjoyed the visit.)

Delson probably has 300 fowl in the yard around his not yet finished house.  He has a large variety of nests and cages all over the property.  See below for a Delson update.

eggs for sale
Eggs ready for sale
We got to see the baby chicks, some just a day old, that are segregated in their own pens so they don’t get eaten by snakes, dogs, rats, and all sorts of other predators.  Delson’s raising turkeys, too.  Organic eggs as well chickens for eating are for sale.
Delson still has a “green thumb.” His five-year-old trees are huge.
setting hen
Delson marks his calendar when a hen begins to set on her eggs.
wonderful turkeys
He is raising turkey chicks as well.
There were also six 5-week old German Shepherd puppies to enjoy.

Delson says he is amazingly happy tending his chickens.  He doesn’t know why, because it takes a lot of time on top of his medical practice to take care of them all.  He says his life is as stress free as it’s ever been.  Maybe we should follow his example and raise chickens and turkeys back in Apex??!!

Delson Update
This report is for those of us who have known Delson for years.  His medical practice has been

Delsons house

waning – he only delivered three babies so far in September where as last year at this time he had delivered twelve.  He says he has lots of patients for consultation, but that they still want free delivery.

On that note, MSF (Doctors without Borders where baby delivery has been free since the earthquake) has announced they are leaving Leogane and have stopped delivering all but high risk babies.  Delson says it will take a while after they leave for his business to rebuild.

This means he’s not working on his house right now, although he’s made lots of progress (right), and is still living at the Clinic.  His children are now 6, 10, and 11 and still going to school in PAP. Junior started school on Friday and is getting tall.  The older children begin on Tuesday.