In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2015, Family Health Ministries announces the “Share the Love” Campaign. Our goal: to pair 14 new sponsors with 14 children at the Saint Antoine School and Fatima House Orphange (Fondwa, Haiti) by Saturday, February 14th. FHM provides nutritional and educational support for children at the Fatima House Orphanage and the Saint Antoine School in Fondwa. Sponsors are assigned a child and are sent pictures and yearly reports on the children’s progress in school, giving sponsors a personal connection in Fondwa. FHM hopes to expand its program by finding sponsors for all 700 children in the Saint Antoine School. For just $25 a month or $300 a year, you can provide hope to a child to receive an education that so few children in Haiti ever dreamed could be a reality in their rural home land.

Thank you for helping us spread the word and SHARE THE LOVE this Valentine’s Day.
How to sponsor:
1) Visit our website and enroll at
2) Contact Katelyn Blanchard at 919.382.5500 or