jeff making job aids
Jeff writing the guesthouse manager manual

We’ve had a busy day today, working on job aids for the next guesthouse manager.  Jeff has been assembling a manual of rather technical set of descriptions of all he’s learned, while I’m working on short job aids with photos.

The consequence is that I now know how to start, stop, and refuel the generator, as well as how to operate the in-well water pump and how to troubleshoot the pressure water pump which is supposed to operate automatically.  We even have a job aid for the whole house fan. Such fun.

job aids

Some of our new job aids

We also had some other technical breakthroughs today.

• We managed to get both our Natcom D-Com (USB Internet stick) and our Natcom wireless router recharged.

• We even added a password to the wireless router so our guests can have free wireless internet without sharing this service too far afield of the guesthouse property.

• And, we figured out, with quite a lot of help from a friend of Michael Anello’s named Jamison, how to recharge both without going to the Natcom office which is a long walk away.

laundry tub

Another small but important victory is the installation of a laundry tub in the laundry room.

An interesting fact that we learned from Missy Owen right before we came to Haiti on this trip – Haitian employees wash up and change to clean clothes before they leave work at the end of the day, and before they get on public transportation.  We hope the laundry tub will be a help, so they don’t have to haul water in a bucket when they’re getting freshened up.

Thank you, Alfredo Medina, for purchasing the tub (they aren’t available in Leogane) and sending the plumbers!

And did I mention that we hired a new gardener?  His name is Junior and he speaks quite a lot of English so he should be a fun contact for future guests who do not speak Kreyol.