Leogane is not a tourist town like Jacmel, but there are plenty of interesting things to see and do here.

We’ve assembled this list in the past few days – some of the photos may look familiar.  Please pardon any repeats of information.

Around town

Leogane was hard-hit by the 2010 earthquake, but recovery is well on its way. It’s interesting to look for both new and old buildings, new streets, and especially the new drainage systems that will prevent regular flooding that plagued residents in the past.

There are many kleren factories along the roads or hiding in back of buildings, including one close to the guesthouse. (Kleren is a strong spirit, less refined than rum, but made from sugar cane, maybe even from the fields next to the guesthouse!)

At the ocean, near Ça Ira

We loved driving down to the beach and observing the distinct Haitian-made sailboats that still carry heavy loads back and forth to Ile Gonave in the bay. We didn’t see boat building this time, but there was a partially rotted boat in the water that gave us a good view of the construction techniques.

You can also visit Voici Obama Beach which is adjacent to the sailboats.  There, for a small fee, you can take an ocean swim, and have a Prestige with the locals.

Food and Drink

We understand that the local hot spots include the Taciana Hotel, just down from the Ocean Grill, where you can swim in the pool for a few gourdes, and Belle Negresse, a new bar-grill where expats hang out, in the same neighborhood.

Missy often took teams for a seafood lunch and local atmosphere at the Ocean Grill at the intersection of the Leogane Road and Rte. National #2.  A very large mango tree grows right through the middle of the restaurant.  The mango leaves help make the roof to shelter the patrons.

Many of us have checked out Masaje bar in the evening.  It’s just down the street from Hôpital Ste. Croix and is really lively after dark.

Ateliers of local artisans

Last November, I took a team down the road  10 kilometers towards PAP to a metal worker’s shop.  You can go out back and see works in progress, and get an idea of all the steps in the process, from used metal drums to works of art.  The place is small compared to Croix de Bouquets, but has the advantage of being close by.

Leogane is famous for its stone carvers as well.  When the last guesthouse manager was here, he drove up the nearby river to an atelier right on the river’s banks.  You can see photos and his video on the FHM website.

At the market

Walking through the large Leogane “new” outdoor market is fascinating.  It’s fun to see the amazing assortment of items for sale.

There are small groceries which are worth a visit, including the one at the Canaan gas station and Original Market near the police station in the center of town.

We welcome your suggestions.  Do you have a favorite place in nearby towns Grand Goave or Gressier that we could share with visitors?