When Building Goodness Foundation of Charlottesville confirmed their partnership with FHM to

sara harper again
Sara at the FHM Guesthouse

build a women’s clinic in the mountains above Leogane, they had the idea it would be great to have a woman architect to design the new facility.

Sara Harper was in Haiti this week to finalize her design for the facility.  A graduate of the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia, Sara is a Haiti structure and Building Goodnessveteran.

She is pleased to be working with colleagues Michael Anello, Haiti Field Manager and Women’s Clinic Project Manager Mike Gallahue.  Both Sara and Mike are volunteers.

amazing view
View from proposed clinic site

The threesome spent time this week at the proposed Tom Gato site, about 45 minutes up the mountain from Leogane,  and slightly beyond the Abatonel turnoff to Fondwa, for those of you who know the area.

Sara had seen a video of the site and lots of photos, but she was completely wowed by the view when she first came on site.  She said it was very different to be there in person.

Sara is looking forward to creating a safe place for women, one that will improve women’s lives both emotionally and physically.

The new clinic will provide critical capability to Family Health Ministries as they continue implementing their Safe Motherhood program.

Building Goodness expects to begin construction soon.  All three team members are hoping specifically to recruit women from the US to come to Haiti to help build the education and birthing center – women helping women. We think it sounds like fun.

Sara and Mike
Sara with Mike Gallahue at the guesthouse