We were here for almost week without a single visitor, since our last guests left last Friday morning.  We’ve about run out of things to do, and the staff has been idle as well.

You don’t need to mop the floors too frequently in rooms where noone has been, and Jeff and I don’t eat enough to keep our cook busy.

loudie mopping again

Having 17 guests for lunch is the most fun we’ve had in a while!

The group is the FHM annual October medical team and includes many people fromWestminister Presbyterian Church.  They are blogging and tweeting and posting on Facebook, so you may be following them already.  They have been working at the Blanchard Clinic this week, and are on their way for a bit of R&R at a Jakmel Hotel, the Cyvadier Plage.

I’m looking forward to seeing old acquaintances from back in 2009.  If I remember correctly, I worked with this group at the only public health clinic FHM ever had upstairs in Delson Merisier’s Ob/Gyn clinic building.  The second floor of what was then a joint FHM- Merisier facility collapsed in the January 2010 earthquake.

Yvette baking

Yvette even baked a cake for our Friday luncheon.  Good old Duncan Hines with a Haitian flare – marachino cherries and raisins in the bottom of the pan for decor.  Yvette’s sister came in from Port-au-Prince to help – it’s a lot of work cooking for this many people.

chicken for 17
chopping for 19 guests by hand
the team arrives
guests relaxing
lunch is ready