What kind of host would I be if I didn’t give you a tour of where I live and work? Managing the guesthouse is one of my primary roles with FHM.

The Nancy Ferree-Clark Guesthouse is located in Leogane, Haiti along Route Nationale #2 and is named in honor of the Reverend Nancy Ferree-Clark, now pastor at Federal Way United Methodist Church in Auburn, Washington. Nancy was former Associate Dean of Duke University Chapel in Durham, NC, and served for 18 years as pastor of the Congregation at Duke Chapel. The Congregation at Duke Chapel, along with Duke Chapel, helped raise the funds to build the guesthouse. And my, what a beautiful house it is!!

Our guesthouse can sleep up to 24 guests, each of the bedrooms has an ensuite bathroom. My favorite part of the house is the big open living and dining area next to a spacious kitchen. And of course I love the wraparound porch! A great place for catching that appreciated Caribbean breeze! The house comes complete with 24/hr security, wifi, and even A/C for several hours each day.

Enjoy this photo tour…

While we’re at it, I’ll go ahead and give you a peek at my bedroom too. I love it!
And I will give you a proper introduction to our staff in upcoming blog posts soon. But you might as well get to know this lady immediately—Yvette is our cook! When you come see us, she will be joyfully preparing your meals. She puts out a delicious feast for us each day. You won’t go hungry… in fact… you’ll have to work extra hard while you’re here so you don’t gain a few pounds. 🙂