jeff cooking

Jeff cooked us “French toast” today.  We found some extra bread in the frig that had been left behind by our Building Goodness friends!

We’re working today on writing a guesthouse manager guide, with notes that we post on the various appliances so the next person doesn’t have to figure it all out.  Maybe!

We have been interviewing candidates for both guesthouse manager and gardener.  There are some excellent candidates – FHM should be happy to hire any of them.  Fortunately, it’s not our decision – we’re just on the interview team.


Here’s a photo of Jocelyne, the housekeeper here.  I took this photo for Missy, as she sent Jocelyne the bag.

Jocelyne is having surgery this Wednesday – yes, it was postponed from last week because her doctor unexpectedly left town.

Her experiences along with those of Yvette’s at a local clinic have given us some insight into the healthcare system here and why we need badly to get the Leogane Family Health Center, and particularly the Surgical Facility, up and running as soon as possible.

We see a lot of the de Matteis construction crew but they are not working here yet – they’re building a guesthouse similar to ours over at the Leogane Nursing School.

Apparently they’ve taken over the project from another construction company who never managed to get started.  So they won’t be working here until they finish some work there first.  In the meantime, we’ll get to know them all better.

Meanwhile, we share the same volunteer architects – Hite Associates of Greenville, NC.

A note to friends of Joelle – did you see that Secretary Hagel visited Joelle’s ship in Japan?  Search on Hagel and Stethem and you’ll see various pictures, although his announcement of calling back Defense Department civilians dominated the coverage.