goat with view
“Cabrit” on the site of the planned Women’s Clinic in Tom Gato

On Sunday we had a wonderful day in spite of the rain, visiting construction sites with new friends from Building Goodness  Foundation of Charlottesville, VA.

Building Goodness is partnering with Family Health Ministries to build a prenatal care and birthing center about 45 minutes up into the mountains from the Leogane Family Health Center.  We anticipate construction beginning in the next few weeks.

jeff, mike, michael with view
 Mike Gallahue, Partner, Greer & Associates, Inc. (center) and volunteer Women’s Clinic Project Manager with Michael Anello, Haiti Field Manager (right) both with the Building Goodness Foundation

Michael, who is temporarily living in Leogane, and Mike, who is visiting from Charlottesville, took us to some of Building Goodness’ recent projects close to the proposed site for the Women’s Clinic.


Nearing completion is a depot and packaging facility (above) for CODEP, a nonprofit based in New Bern, NC, that has worked in this part of Haiti since 1990.

church roof

Building Goodness buildings in Haiti are characterized by their sensitivity to local needs, particularly good air flow while providing protection from wind and rain.  The buildings have excellent security as well, as you can see in the local church above and the middle school below.

Michael school
Building Goodness staff clearly exert lots of energy to collaborate with their projects’ Haitian neighbors. At the Women’s Clinic site, Michael chatted with a man raising pigs nearby.  The farmer gave input on where he thought it best to relocate a path so he and his family still have access to the Jacmel Road.
“Kochon” in the yard next to the proposed property for FHM’s Women’s Clinic
Later this week we will be hosting the volunteer architect for Women’s Clinic, Sara Harper of Baltimore, and will be able to tell you more about the new facility.